Love Your Life Minute

All right love your life minute from Sunny California.

We are here on our spring break and I just wanted to share with you a valuable lesson that I have learned.

My man cannot read my mind, and I forever felt like if he really loved me, he would know what I needed.

If he really cared he should know what I need.

He has lived with me long enough he should just know and I would take offense when he wouldn’t just know.

Men Are Not Women

I was comparing him, ladies, to a woman because as women we have that intuition.

We kind of know what each other needs.

Men don’t work that way.

Men want us to tell them what we need.

That sets them up to win.

They appreciate it when we share, “Hun this is something I need and this is kind of what it looks like. Would you be willing to provide that for me?”

They love that- that is setting them up for success.

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