What are the students saying?

Taming Jane Academy provided a safe atmosphere where I could express my feelings with like minded women who were wanting a positive
change in their marriage.

I loved how the class provided me with the knowledge of how to build a stronger marriage and the WHY of so many questions I had unanswered for YEARS!

I quickly realized that if I wanted a change I needed to start with myself. Trina has a gentle but eye opening approach on how to make those changes that will keep you moving in a forward direction with a hope and excitement for your spouse, never wanting to look back. This was an answer to prayer.

Not only did this class provide me with a stronger realization that my marriage needs work every day of our existence but it helped me to realize that within this process of creating my love story I need to be kind to myself. I love how Trina continued to build us as women up. Every day after class I felt like I wanted to be better and that gave me motivation to make changes very quickly! ~Lisa

When I first started working with Trina my husband and I were having a hard time. We had been married for 5 years and we struggled our whole marriage. We fought a lot and there was a huge wall between us. I tried EVERYTHING. I read every book that I could find, went to counseling etc.

After learning about how to understand men from Trina, our marriage and life in general dramatically changed for the better. I learned SO many things that amazed me and helped me make sense out of everything in my marriage that didn’t make sense, things that I could never figure out how to change. I found myself in tears of joy almost nightly because of the changes that were taking place in my marriage and my husband.

We are closer now than we were when we dated. He adores me and loves me and protects me. He wants to be a better man for me because of how I treat him. He listens to me and loves me unconditionally, something that we always struggled with. Most importantly I have never seen him this happy before, he has the desire to be the best man that he can be for our family.

​I am so proud of the man that he is and has become, because of Trina we will be HAPPILY married for years and years to come. We are BOTH stronger and better people now. We are a team! Thank you Trina, thank you for teaching me and giving me the tools that I need to be incredibly happy. Thank you for saving my marriage. Everyone deserves this kind of marital bliss. Oh and our sex life is FABULOUS again. ~Tahnee

Trina provided me with the tools I needed to make my marriage stronger, healthier and happier. She taught me how to communicate more clearly, to better understand my spouse and men in general, and to overcome my own perceived limits. Because of her mentoring, I am happier and my spouse is happier–both as individuals and as a couple.

Trina is very direct and she provides concrete ways in which I can improve my marriage. I will forever be grateful for Trina and all she has done for me individually and for my marriage. ~Malinda

I’m so glad I found Trina! My experience with being a part of one of Trina Glines’ mentoring group was just what I needed to get started on strengthening my marriage. I enjoyed the group atmosphere because I also got to learn from the other women who were participating.

And by the end of the eight weeks I felt a special bond with the other ladies in the group. I love Trina’s passion in wanting to help women all around her be their best selves that they can be as wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. She taught me about the strength that lies in my femininity. I don’t think I was ever taught fully the power in just that alone!

Trina provided helpful worksheets after each session that I will always have at my disposal for me to go back to anytime and review. She is thoughtful and generous with her time and the attention she gives. She also interviewed professionals and gave us access to the interviews to give us even more information. And even though it was a group setting, she was very personable with a text here and there letting me know she was thinking about me and my unique situation.

I highly recommend her program to anyone who wants to improve their marriage, or any relationship that is valuable for that matter! ~Jill

Working with Trina has absolutely transformed my marriage. In addition to her abundant knowledge of the nature of men, women, and their relationships, she has created such an amazing program for women to learn how to better their marriages in an everlasting way. She says that we can not change anyone but ourselves, and this is SO TRUE, which is what I love about how she’s structured her program.

She helps women adjust our perceptions, and often misconceptions, about men, which opens the door to clearer communication and stronger love. My favorite part is that the program is easy to interweave into our lives; it’s not hours of “homework” and there are no expectations that we (or HE) will change overnight.

Small actions interspersed into our everyday routine is all it takes. And these small actions (many of which I didn’t even know I was implementing until I was getting a surprisingly positive reaction) have made a HUGE difference. I am SO thankful to have been connected with Trina, and look forward to continuing to learn from her. ~Sonia

I chose to participate in Upkeep 3 because I love the constant reminders and goals that keep me focused on what is most important in my life…my marriage. It is so easy to forget to spend time and energy on my marriage when there are so many distractions pulling me every which way. The little things that Trina sets for us to do such as the simple bracelet idea helped me so much as every time I said any thing negative I had to move to my other arm. It was a way for me to stay conscious of all my thoughts and actions. I’m still wearing the bracelet and doing this challenge a month later. I also appreciate the time and energy that Trina puts into all the posts, webinars and ideas for us to work on. I don’t do them all perfect but I have tried to focus on at least one thing a month and that has really been helpful for me. This month the main thing I focused on was daily meditation/yoga. It couldn’t have been better timing for me. I hope to stay with at least one of the challenges each month for the rest of my life. To make it a habit. What a great and simple way to stay focused on my marriage! Every effort we can put into our marriage is so helpful and I absolutely appreciate the daily reminders that keep me on track. I highly recommend this program for anyone who cares about their marriage! With hope and excitement for all marriages! ~Heidi

Working with Trina in her “Taming Jane” Program has been absolutely transformational! I learned so many things about myself and about my husband that have led to a whole new way of thinking and being. Our marriage has never been better!

I loved the weekly webinars. It was so great to learn from all of the women in the group! I felt fully supported, and I didn’t realize that I had so much in common with so many other women. Trina is a gifted teacher and an insightful friend. She led the webinars with creativity, humor, wisdom, and fun!

The weekly guided thinking was so useful in creating greater closeness and fun in our marriage! It really helped me to put into practice the things that we were learning. It was a great tool to understanding myself and how I was showing up in my relationship with my husband.

If you are wondering if this program would be beneficial to you, do it! You will be amazed at the transformation of yourself and your relationship! You will learn new skills and be encouraged and inspired to show up in a way that changes everything for you and for him. Greater happiness, greater love, greater contentment. These are what lay on the other side of the work you put into this program. I can not say enough good about it!​ ~Laura

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of men with my wife Tahnee. She has changed in a way that has made me want to be a better man. She has shown me how to be a great spouse and I credit a lot of the improvements we have had in our marriage to your help.​”

I cannot NOT express how significant the “Taming Jane” class has been on our marriage.  If only we had this knowledge prior to our wedding day we might have avoided 2 decades of miscommunication, needs unfulfilled, hurt feelings, guilt, frustration, and resentment.

This material has revealed what marriage can be… now we have the rest of our marriage to work on what could’ve been and can be today.  It’s never too late… but I think for most, this information or knowledge is not talked about, taught, or understood. ~Tom

Going through Trina’s workshop was the absolute best thing I could have done for my marriage. For years we have talked about counseling or therapy, but the information Trina shared – in a group setting – is what we needed prior to any personalized support.

Understanding our differences, as men and women, has been vital to our growth as a couple and family. I’m excited to work with her more (and forever!) to learn from her and work to have an exceptional relationship.

The most important thing she has taught me is that mediocrity is not inevitable; every couple is capable of a happy, fulfilling, exciting, passionate relationship. And I’m so grateful to have her as a resource, and to apply this extremely valuable information.
Thank you Trina!

Marriage has been the single greatest blessing in my life. I love my wife! She is my person, she is my best friend, and she is beautiful in more ways than I can describe. However, marriage is hard! It is way harder than I thought it was going to be when we were engaged or dating. I thought, as wonderful as she is, how could there ever be any problems? But I was wrong. Marriage is something you continue to work at and Trina’s course that my wife and I took has been the best course on marriage we have ever experienced. It has changed the way we view each other and it has greatly helped us to understand each other.

Men and woman speak two different languages and we act in two completely different ways. The way we communicate and the way we solve problems is just different. Our genetic makeup is simply different. Both have strengths and both have weaknesses. And I have learned so much about how my wife is and what makes her tick, just as she has about me.

Through this course we have become closer and our marriage has been greatly blessed. The things Trina teaches are truths that resonate down to your core. I recommend her to everyone. No matter what stage you are in your marriage. You can be greatly benefited by her teaching and guidance. ~Steve

My marriage and family is the most important thing in my life. I love that there is a safe place for women to come to where we can give and receive advice from others who are like-minded and encouraging, who have the same goals for their marriage as I do.

We are like a team, building up our teammates and inspiring each other to be better for the “big game” called marriage. We want each other to succeed and “win!” When you surround yourself with positivity, it can only bring good things into your life.

There are too many places in the world and media where marriage is attacked and torn down. This is a place for growth in the right direction. Thanks Trina! The world needs more avenues like this!

When I was introduced to Trina, my marriage was in a horrible place. I was about ready to walk out, even though I knew that would not solve my problems. I had seen too many of my friends marriages end in divorce and some were in the exact same place with a different partner. I did not want that.

Trina taught me to understand not only my husband, but men in general which is helping me so much with my son. She also helped me to understand more about myself. For the first time in our entire marriage my husband and I are actually communicating effectively. That is HUGE! Communication has always been one of our main issues. That has led into other areas of our relationship being better.

Working with Trina I now have the tools I need to continue to make my marriage stronger. I no longer have the desire to leave a 20 year marriage. I feel I now have a partner in life instead of just a roommate. So grateful to Trina for all of her help.

I chose to participate in UPKEEP 3 because the things that I have learned from Trina have been life-changing! I want to keep the positive momentum that keeps me on-track with the attitudes and actions that fuel an amazing relationship with my husband. UPKEEP 3 helps me do just that. Thank you, Trina

Trina’s course gave me space to see my man differently. It literally made me appreciate him more because of all that we dove into in the course and I was challenged to vocalize that to him.

I didn’t realize how much that would do for him before the course. It has changed us, it made us both better people and better together.
– Trina for this and miles more, thank you!.


I heard about Trina and her program from her husband, I was sitting next to him on a plane ride and he was talking to me about it! I am so glad I got to hear about Trina and her program from 36,000 feet in the air!

I was able to learn about men’s language and how it is different from women’s. The knowledge that I learned is helping me to handle certain situations, that before I struggled with. One thing I loved was when Trina would say “knowledge is power”, it is so true!

I had a certain situation with my husband and I called Trina. She talked with me for an hour even when I’m sure she had millions of other things to do. (like spend time with her grandson who was staying there with her) But she spent a whole hour listening to me and helping me find a solution! So grateful to work with Trina and the relationship we started all from her program!  ~Jacie

I can’t thank you enough for the information that was taught to me over this past  summer.  Learning  how  to understand how my Husband works is a miracle.

I would say we had a good marriage prior to the class, But now it’s even better.  I compare it to a good recipe.  You can’t make chocolate chip cookies with out the chocolate chips.

Your teachings are the chocolate chips.  I was burning the cookies a little too much.  And now with practice and patients I will have the best cookies ever!  Thank you! ~Melissa

Through almost eighteen years of marriage to my sixth-grade crush turned high school sweetheart, we have done a variety of courses together, read many extremely beneficial books together and have always been working on our relationship. Yet, as great as these other tools have been, none of it seems to have had as big an impact as Trina’s course.

I attribute this to not only the curriculum and content, but how Trina presents it. Among the bigger things I can observe, even months after the course, is a greater sense of accountability towards principles that breed a successful marriage.

My wife and I now experience a heightened sense of wanting to love and serve each other. I can personally see how much more my wife does for me, but in a way that brings her joy while causing me to take opportunities to reciprocate. The course is designed for a woman, but it will also change the man. I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is no doubt you will be more fulfilled in all your relationships as a result of it. ~Jake

I thought I was doing a pretty good job at my marriage and communicating with my husband. Yes we have problems but doesn’t everyone?

The simple things I have learned in this course have proven me wrong. There is a better – more simpler way of doing it! These things that seem so small to me are making a big impact not only with my husband but with my son! Not only that I have a better understanding of how men work!!

Thank you so much Trina!!! ~Shelly

I’ve always tried to make my marriage a priority. But It’s so great to have the tools Trina is teaching us to see how to do that. I am learning things I wish I would have known 20 years ago and I want to share it with every married couple I know.

I would recommend​ these courses and UPKEEP 3 to anyone, whether your marriage is struggling or you just want to make it your highest priority! ~Natalie

Trina is amazing and has so much insight and knowledge to offer! She truly has a passion for what she is teaching! She cheers you on as you are having ‘aha’ moments. What she has to share will help your relationship! ~Angela

“There’s a quote I like: “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.” I believe that as humans we will always make mistakes, but UPKEEP 3 helps me to keep ‘practicing’ the things that will help my marriage thrive.

I don’t want a good marriage, I want an amazing, one-of-a-kind incredible, passionate marriage. Trina’s programs are helping me to achieve that.” ~Malinda

The reason I have chosen to participate in UPKEEP 3 is because like everyone else, with anything, we become unmotivated and forget to work on our marriages. We become lazy and slip back into our old ways. I worked with Trina for 8 weeks and my marriage was better than it had ever been before… and then we took 4 weeks off and

I started to slip back into my old ways. Everything else became more important and I started to forget what I had learned. Things had been so incredible for 8 weeks and I wanted to have some way to continue this upward momentum, always!

I was SO excited to hear about UPKEEP 3 so I could stay motivated each month to work on my marriage and have something to remind everyday that my marriage should be my first priority. I love UPKEEP 3 because it gives me a place to go where women are working towards the same goal of being adored by their husbands.

I LOVE being adored by mine and never want to go back to how things were, that is why I will probably stick with UPKEEP 3 for the rest of my life!” ~Tahnee