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There are 4 types of women:

1. You aren’t interested in improving your marriage at this time. (If this is you, you can stop reading.)

2. You have a great marriage! Everything is pretty darn good. Celebrate this! You obviously have worked at it and understand the importance of continuing to work on it, daily! (If this is you keep reading.)

3. You have a pretty good marriage. You’re happy, but there are a couple of areas that you wish were better. Maybe you don’t feel heard all the time. Or you wish you felt more love from him. Or you wish you could both communicate better. (If this is you keep reading.)

4. You really struggle in your marriage. It doesn’t matter what you do nothing seems to work. You’re getting tired but have come to the conclusion that this is as good as it is going to get. You’ve settled. (If this is you keep reading.)

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If you are a 2, 3, or a 4 from above, you know marriage takes work and can also be challenging at times. 
My goal is to help women and men set themselves up for success and love on purpose in their marriages. I interview specialists in their area to share powerful life changing information with women and men. I also share my own personal journey. A discovery of self-growth that has allowed me to increase my happiness in my life and marriage. There is no need for us to pave our path alone. There is so much incredible information out there to help us along the way. My podcasts will empower you to be intentional in your marriage.

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