Love Your Life Minute.

Alright ladies, we’re going to chat about this once again.

The narrative in your head, that voice in your head that does not serve you. She does not help you. She does not help you become the whole woman that you want to become.

She is directly linked to the intense woman.

Everything around you is past due and not only that it’s never done good enough.

And on top of that we assume our husband’s intentions and that narrative gets going; he doesn’t hear me, he doesn’t love me, he must not care about me.

When in all reality you may have just not spoken his language.

But the narrative in your head will just beat you up, and it won’t serve you.

We have to choose to be conscious ladies!

That voice that’s going on up in there needs to be tamed and we need to take control of over our thoughts otherwise she will control you.


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