Love Your Life Minute

This little piece of advice is a game-changer if you can choose to implement in your life and with all your relationships.

Do you seek the meaning?

When someone does something or says something that makes you feel a little off, maybe hurt your feelings or makes you feel frustrated, do you go and seek the meaning of it or do you just go off of assuming their intentions?

Usually, that doesn’t end very well, right!

If we can choose at that moment when someone has said something that maybe hurt our feelings or came off wrong or our spouse did something and we are questioning why they did that, instead of assuming what their intentions were, go to them – ask them.

Seek the meaning.

Ask them, I know you said this, I’m just curious is this what you meant by it?

Or I have noticed you did this I’m just curious why.

And allow them to share why they did something.


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