Elevate your marriage through being intentional and understanding your man’s language.

Elevate your marriage through intentions and understanding your man’s language.

About Trina Glines

Strengthening marriages by helping women to love their man for who he is, which in turn allows women to feel adored by their man. This is how we create our love stories.

“I am a relationship trainer, coach and speaker. I created Taming Jane Academy after coaching many women through the same process I took myself through. The results were so phenomenal I knew I couldn’t keep this information to myself! I believe we should never stop learning, and choosing to learn how to strengthen your relationships is the GREATEST learning you will ever do!” 

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Taming Jane Academy is LIVE online 10-week course that helps women strengthen their marriage and/or relationship. Every week you will join me for a live webinar with a group of like minded-women. In Taming Jane Academy you will learn The Language of Men and the Origin of The Intense Woman. This information sets women up for success. Not only will you understand men better, but you will understand YOURSELF better! This is EMPOWERING!

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Who is Taming Jane for?

Would you like to learn how men work and think? Then this class is for you! Single, married, or divorced this class will change your perception so much you’ll wonder how you have lived without this information.

If you have a good marriage get ready to make it great! If you are struggling in your marriage, this may be the answer you have been looking for! Stop settling and start creating the happiness you deserve!

30 Day Guarantee! Full refund no questions asked!*

….and remember the 30 Day Guarantee doesn’t start until the first day of class.* Minus books+shipping you received (approximately $45)

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My goal is to help women set themselves up for success and elevate their marriages. I interview specialists in their area to share powerful life changing information with women like yourself. I also share my own personal journey. A discovery of self-growth that has allowed me to increase my happiness in my life and marriage.
There is no need for us to pave our path alone. There is so much incredible information out there to help us along the way. My podcasts will empower you to be intentional in your life and marriage.

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