Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a struggling marriage to take this course?

Absolutely not. In fact, I would say over half of my clients have pretty good marriages. They are just wanted to make them GREAT! Every woman will benefit from this course. And it not only helps women understand their husbands better but their sons, coworkers, really any men in their life. Including single women still searching for their man.                                                                                                           

How does your 30-day guarantee work?

Once you purchase the course you have 30 days, which is approximately 4-5 classes to ask for a refund. No questions asked.                    

I have small kids, I don’t know if this will work?

THIS IS THE BEST PART! This course is made for all women, including busy moms! You are able to watch/listen to each weeks lessons at your own convenience. If you don’t get a lesson finished by the next week when the new lesson is delivered, it’s okay. The weekly lesson’s continue to be uploaded to your online login, and you can watch/listen to them on your time frame.                                                       

What am I expected to do during the course?

I do not put any expectations on you but I do encourage you to put them on yourself. Approach the course like a college class. You have paid for this course, you deserve to give yourself this time to continue your education. Learning knowledge that will help you strengthen your marriage IS the most important thing we ALL should be doing.

  • Block out the time on your calendar to take the class once a week. 
  • The Guided Thinking Homework is a PDF fillable that you can either print off or download on your computer/phone and fill out. The women that get the most out of my program do the homework, and really take the time to process and apply the information they are learning. It is for you to take your training to the next level.                                                                                                                                              

My husband and I are really struggling is this going to fix it?

Like with any program no one can guarantee that they will fix your marriage. What I can share is, I have watched women with terrible marriages turn them around. It honestly has been incredible to watch their journeys. I am the mouthpiece, I am sharing with you knowledge that as YOU choose to apply it YOU will make the difference in your marriage. I will share with you knowledge that actually WORKS, and I will share with you how I have personally used it in my own marriage.                                                                                                       

My husband deals with some of his own challenges such as addictions, will this help?

I am not a counselor or professional therapist. I believe men and women that are struggling with unhealthy addictions or any type of abuse need to seek professional help. Many of my clients have husbands with some sort of unhealthy struggle in their life. My program can assist these ladies in creating a safe place, a secure foundation, for their husbands to seek their own healing. If you are in a dark place, and you’re trying to decide if your marriage is worth saving, my program can help you work on your part. He will need to ultimately choose to do his part. If in the end, he chooses not to do his part, you will know you tried all you could. I do not encourage any woman to stay with a man who is physically abusive.

Still have a few questions?