Love Your Life Minute

Chances are you’ve experienced it before.

The Shut Down is when one partner in a marriage is sharing with the other partner maybe a dream, a thought, something they’ve discovered they wanted to.

And the other partner just completely shuts it down.

Just immediately Shuts it Down, like there’s no more conversation on it whatsoever.

Shut Downs Do Not Serve Our Marriage

What we need to understand is that the Shut Down does not serve our marriages

It’s actually very painful!

The person who’s doing the Shutting Down needs to be able to recognize that their spouse needs to be heard

And that their feelings are part of whatever they’re sharing.

And the spouse that is being Shut Down needs to have the ability to go to that spouse and say:

“Hey when I’m sharing with you I’m not saying we have to do this right now.

I’m not saying this is what has to happen at this moment, I just want to be heard, understood and validated.

I’m just sharing a dream with you”.

Understand the Shut Down and get rid of it in your marriage!


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