You often hear people talk about how we should just be able to forgive and move on.

This is a powerful way to live.

Those who are able to not hold grudges and hate will be so much healthier emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is so freeing. I also believe in the power of prayer to help us find the strength to be able to forgive others who have trespassed us or hurt us. Prayer is powerful and reminds us that we have someone on our side, we are not alone in our struggles.

But sometimes we need something more.

Many times in order for us to either forgive or move forward or even find increased happiness we need to process what we have already been through, at a deeper level than just forgiving and moving on.

Sometimes it takes a little more effort on our part to have our prayers heard and answered.

If you struggle in life, if you have problems with trust, if your relationships are suffering, if you are not experiencing the happiness that you desire, you may need to take some action and choose to find avenues that will help you to achieve what you would like to achieve in your life.

To love the way you want to love. To feel the way you want to feel. To heal the way your heart is longing to be healed.

Taking this journey alone can sometimes be overwhelming and seem like a dead end road with no hope left.

I have felt that before.

I cannot express strongly enough the power of knowledge. The power behind allowing yourself to be heard and understand yourself at a deeper level. Many times it takes finding a great therapist that can step you through the process of finding the healing you want in whatever part of your life you are looking for it.

It’s time to stop settling.

I am a big advocator on NOT SETTLING! We need to stop settling! And we need to stop thinking our unhappiness is BECAUSE of someone else. If you believe that then you have given the control up in your life.

There is a better way. There really is.

Choose to be in control.

Choose to want a better way.

Choose to allow yourself to find healing and find someone that can help you on that path.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you. It really is the only way you will be truly happy. And yes, we are meant to have happiness in this life.

We are. Start now.