Love Your Life Minute

Ladies, have you ever experienced this before:

You just got through with a great meal that you had made your family and everybody kind of separates and goes their way, and you’re left alone to do the dishes?

And we get that negative narrative going on in our heads with,
“Man, I just don’t even want to cook anymore. They don’t even care.

I guess I’m not important enough because I’ve asked my husband how many times to stick around and help out with the dishes – and he didn’t do it.

If he loved me he would really do it!”

Well ladies let me help you out.

He Was Focused on a Single-Task

This is the perfect example of a single-tasked focused moment.

He was single-tasked focused on – I’m hungry, I’m going to eat.

And now all the sudden it’s like – oh look at the ballgame – look at the score – oh I didn’t check my email – oh, I need to go to look at this.

He was changed to a different track and all it takes is for you to say,

“Hey you guys I’m so glad you really enjoyed dinner.

I’d love to have you help me out with the dishes it will make me want to cook for you again really soon!

Thanks you guys!”

It’s that simple.


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