Love Your Life Minute

Have you ever noticed when you have times in your marriage that you’re struggling?

Have you ever had that before?

I’m sure if you’re married you have.

And you noticed that everything else in your life isn’t working either.

You’re struggling in so many other areas.

Nothing’s going well financially.

You’re struggling emotionally to be able to handle your kids.

Struggle to be able to deal with just the normal in and outs of life.

You’re struggling to communicate.

Maybe you are struggling with your health.

You’re struggling to just maintain daily life. Why?

Because our marriages are foundational to us having happiness, and it affects every other avenue in our life.

If our marriage is not in a good place- we aren’t in a good place.

So the moral of today’s story is, if you want a happy life, work on your marriage daily.


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