Love Your Life Minute

So here is a little love your life minute that might help you out.

I have learned a valuable lesson through all of my research.

For years I was so frustrated with my husband, when I would ask him to do something and he wouldn’t do it my way or in my timeline.

It got to the point that I finally just gave up asking for his help, because in order for something to get done and done right, I needed to be the one to do it.

This caused me to have a lot of accountability on my shoulders, which made me that much more intense.

And then I learned a valuable lesson ladies.

That we as women often think there’s only one right way to do something, and it’s often our way.

When in reality there’s not.

There are many ways to do things.

Our husbands have their way of doing something, and when we don’t think their way works, were questioning their competence.

Which is painful for them.

So ladies there’s more than one right way to do something, allow your husband’s to choose their way.

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