Do you see the stars, milky way or the spectacular cliff?

It is so interesting to me that I hear women say all the time, I want a better relationship with my husband, but then show such an intolerance to them.

I share this from personal experience as well.

I was one of those women.

Ladies, we speak different languages.


This does not mean that you cannot get your needs met, BUT, it does mean that you’re going to have to give a little here and there. Just like they, your husbands, have to give a little here and there for you.

Your husbands work differently than you do!

You both can be looking at the same room and be asked to describe the scene and you will describe totally different rooms! Does that make one way better than the other? No it does not. But it does mean you have to be willing to understand that he has his own point of view just as you do.

You can argue this all you want. You can fight and scream to try and get him to see your view. He may for a moment see your view to try and create peace, but his natural DNA will kick in and he will once again find himself in that same spot being yelled at for not seeing it your way.

Dang it ladies, there is a better way.

LEARN how to communicate with him in a language that resonates with him.

A list of to do’s does not resonate. But a list of what they provide for you, DOES! It’s all in the simple words we choose to use. As well as how we follow up, and how we choose to interrupt their single task focus.

As we choose to understand them, it makes it SO MUCH EASIER ON US.

We learn they aren’t ignoring us. We learn they actually do care. And we learn that HE does want to help. It just might not look the way we think it should look.

Sorry ladies, get off your high horse and stop thinking your way is the ONLY WAY. And if he can’t see your way then he is stupid, slow, or doesn’t care. You’re WRONG! I’ve been there before. And the way I am living now IS SO MUCH BETTER. So I can share this advice with you from personal experience. IT DOES NOT WORK.

If you really want a stronger marriage, then learn his language and try to understand our differences. Learn how YOU work as well.

It’s amazing and very freeing!

Okay rant over. Go love your man, be adored and create your story!