Love Your Life Minute

There is a quote that says, “Men marry women in hopes they will never change.

Women marry men in hopes that they will change. Inevitably both are disappointed.”

Ladies this is one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned.

That my man is not a version of me and I am not a version of him.

We Can Only Change Ourselves

Because I didn’t understand that we spoke different languages and we did things differently.

I often compared him to what I would do.

And when he wouldn’t do it my way, I would assume he was doing it wrong.

This changed me and I became more intense.

The Intense Woman would come out in me.

Ladies it’s so important that we don’t feel like we need to change our men.

We can’t change anyone else but ourselves.

But we can certainly be an influence on them through us choosing to do our part.


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