Love Your Life Minute.

Ladies, chances are this will really resonate with you and to all your husband’s out there.

I want to help set you up for success.

We, as wives, need to always feel like we are our husbands number one.

That is number one over mom’s.

Number one over sisters.

Number one over any other women that might be in their husbands life.

We Need To Feel it

Men have a hard time understanding this.

They think, “Well I chose you didn’t I to spend the rest of my life with, doesn’t that mean you’re my number one?”.

But we as wives need to feel it – always feel it.

Anytime you might make a comment that puts another woman above us, it actually really does hurt and causes us to be insecure.

So men always make sure you are aware, and that your wife knows that she is your number one.

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