I have been learning so much!

And something that has really stuck out to me recently is that in order to make changes, in order to improve, in order to develop our human selves we have to involve our conscious selves!

It is conscious daily choices. It is setting reminders on our phones. Sticky notes on our mirrors and computers. Bracelets on our wrists.


The first thing we need to do is DECIDE!

Once we make the decision then we have to act in a forward intention.

But you cannot rely on your subconscious to kick in and naturally do the changes for you!

Won’t happen. You will fail.

YOU have to consciously choose to apply the new way of thinking and learning. And you will take steps backwards because you are human!

Our greatest challenge in life is consistency.

The natural man takes over and we fall back to the natural way things were.

It takes time to break through that! It takes time to apply a new way of thinking!

But DON’T give up! You are here to develop. You are here to find new ways to live happier lives!

Don’t settle.

And don’t assume doing something for a few weeks or a few months that it should automatically come naturally to you!

It takes time.

It’s like learning a new language. Be patient. Take baby steps. Create a solid foundation to build on.


My focus is to help women create happier marriages!

What I do is so rewarding as I watch women connect to the information I teach them and I anxiously sit and wait for the day I hear from them saying, oh my word, IT’S WORKING! It is so rewarding!

But the thing is, I can teach them and share with them tools but they have to choose to apply it.

They have to consciously choose to apply it and celebrate it when they do and repair it when they don’t. And slowly they are able to consciously start to create the relationship they have always desired!

It is amazing! It is freeing!

It is happiness at a level that both husband and wife long for.

Notice I never said perfect.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT. We are two imperfect people coming together to create awesome imperfectness.

Marriages and life are always revolving. There will always be new dimensions and moving parts.

But once you have the tools, you’re able to maneuver through those events so much smoother.

But it takes consciousness! Being conscious about your choices. Making daily choices to help move you in that forward intention!
How you act and react. You are in control. You get to choose. You cannot change him, only yourself.

And as you do, he slowly starts to respond to your changes and you become more loved, more fulfilled and your marriage is strengthened!

It’s pretty much amazing!