All right, ladies, what in heaven’s name am I doing? Why am I inside of a dishwasher?

Well, I’m hoping to share with you something today that you won’t forget.

So I thought, if I crawl in my dishwasher, you might remember it.

So this dishwasher often is the root of us feeling like men misbehave.

And the reason why we feel like men misbehave is because, how often have you asked them to help with the dishes and they’re loading the dishwasher, and you walk over and you reload it, you fix it?

Because they didn’t do it right.

When you do that, how often now do you feel like, “He won’t load the dishwasher. He just stopped. He like almost refuses to load the dishwasher. The dishes stay in the sink.”

He’s like, “Oh, I’ll wash them off. But I’m going to leave them up there in the sink.”

Why does he do that? He does that because you corrected, you fixed something he was trying to provide for you in the dishwasher.

Men Don’t Like Criticism

They don’t like criticism.

It doesn’t work with men. But it works with women and that’s why we do it.

How often have you loaded a girlfriend or mom’s dishwasher, right?

And you’re loading it for them and they come over and you say to them, because you know it’s coming, you already know it’s coming, you say to them, “I know, I’m probably not loading it the way you would, but I’m getting it done for you.”

And they’ll probably come over, “Oh yeah, I usually put these here and I put this here.”

And you’re like, “Oh okay, yeah, I’ll totally do that.” And you fix it and you’re okay, you’re okay, and they’re okay, whoever corrected you is okay, there’s no problem.

So we think that’s how it should work with men, and it doesn’t.

He stops loading the dishwasher, which then makes you feel like he’s misbehaving and he won’t help.

But it’s really not that. He just doesn’t like criticism.

It doesn’t work for them. It stops them.

It halts them and makes them feel like they’re unable to provide.

Correcting Them Stops Them From Giving

So as I sit here really scrunched up in my dishwasher, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I just say to you, who made us queen of the dishwasher?

Who nominated us to say, “This is the only way you can load a dishwasher”?

I’m pretty sure no one nominated us for that. We do this with our sons, we do this with our kids.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come over and, “Really, guys, this is how you’re going to load it and reload it.”

And it’s like I suck the air right out of them, and it’s just disheartening, it makes it to where they don’t want to give more.

But if you don’t correct them and you let the dishwasher be, they will want to give plenty.

So, ladies, have a great weekend. I hope you enjoy this video and it resonates with you.

You know, I doubt you forget it, you’re not going to forget some crazy lady crawled inside her dishwasher!

Have a great day. Oh my gosh!