I am a pretty passionate person.

If I believe strongly in something, there is usually a lot of passion behind it. I believe it’s a gift. I believe it’s what helps me be a good teacher. I’ve learned to embrace this trait instead of being embarrassed by it. So this is me. Like me or not, you get the real me.

Now I’m about to discuss a pretty sensitive subject. But I’ve been learning A LOT!  And knowledge is power.

Do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!

This book is LDS Christian based, BUT anyone who believes in a higher being could read this book and love it.

As Christian individuals, we often teach about sexual intimacy in a way that carries with it a negative connotation. Hoping to keep our youth and young adults sexually pure by teaching abstinence before marriage. Not realizing what this has done to our own inner beliefs, and those we have taught.

It’s time to change this paradigm!

I am speaking just as much to myself. I consider myself a pretty open person. But reading this book has made me see and wish I could re-teach all of the lessons I have taught the last 20 years to the youth! But I didn’t know! But I do now, and I feel it is my calling to use my passion and GET THE WORD OUT!


Read this book.

Marriage is the greatest decision we will ever make.

Sexual intimacy is a big part of marriage. If you had a mother that was very open with you before your wedding, then praises to her. She was an angel from above.

Laura Brotherson, the author of And They Were Not Ashamed, takes on a problem that stems from trying to be “respectful” to sexual intimacy. And that problem is created by us trying to keep it sacred, it turned into “SECRET”. Secrets make you more curious. Secrets make you want to know more. Secrets keep you from disclosing what you discover. Secrets are the root of the adversary. Secrets create DAMAGE.

Through my intense studies, I have learned that sexual intimacy in marriage is foundational. If your sex life is bad, chances are many other areas of your life are bad. You can’t have a healthy marriage without having a healthy sex life. And with trying to be morally upright people, we get confused about what is right and what is wrong. Even within the bounds of marriage. And who do you talk to about it? If you’re struggling sexually who do you talk to? Who knows the answers?

The answers are in this BOOK! And LADIES WE NEED TO START TALKING ABOUT IT! In a healthy respectful way. Knowledge is power people!

Okay, rant is over. I will settle my passionate self down.

But do yourself and your spouse a favor READ THIS DARN BOOK! Even if you have a fantastic sex life. Read the book so you know how to teach your children, your youth, and your young adults before marriage. DO IT!

And just a quick note to all you ladies out there.

Women are supposed to enjoy and love intimacy just as much as men. I hear a lot of the opposite from women. It really is sad.

But there is hope. There is information that can help. Don’t give up. Don’t settle. You deserve more!

Sex is good ladies! God made your body to receive pleasure with intimacy. He really did. But sometimes we just need to be taught.

Read the book.