I am reading a book called, “What’s it like to be married to me” by Linda Dillow. It is going along with all that I have been working on and studying. I feel so fortunate because I am being my own student. I am learning so much! And the thought I get to share it with others makes me so happy!

Well, I decided to do the first assignment that Linda Dillow has in her book. A Lot of times I skip over the assignments, which makes me NOT my best student. But for some reason, I felt this assignment I needed to do.

She asked you to envision going to a funeral and as you walk up to the casket you see yourself. You’re stunned and your mind is flooded with all sorts of thoughts. As you take a seat and look through the program and you see there is only one speaker and it is your husband. She now asks you to answer these 4 questions as if you have died and share what YOU WANT your husband to say at your funeral.

Kind of puts it into perspective don’t you think?

Only you have control over your actions and how you choose to live.

She shares, “As you think deeply about these questions, write down your thoughts and feelings. This exercise will reveal to you what your deepest values are, who you want to become as a wife.

To live your life with the end in view is to align your daily and secret choices with this picture.

It is to examine each part of your life–what you do today, tomorrow, next week, next year; how you chose to spend the time with your lover–in the context of the whole, of what really matters most to you.”

She then recommends you put it together in a resolution or declaration. A prayer or scripture. A poem, song or a letter you write yourself. An acrostic or a listed paragraph. I chose to use the word CREATE.

So here you have mine! This is very vulnerable for me! I can’t believe I am going to share this! Looking at the list I have a long ways to go. But I would have a lot further if I hadn’t made the list. At least I have goals to shoot for now!

So I dare you to try it! See what comes up. And don’t forget to ask yourself this very important but dangerous question,

“What is it like being married to me?”