How can we get our needs met?

Well, it kind of starts with letting your needs be known.

This sounds pretty much like a duh, but unfortunately, women often assume men are a version of us and should “instinctively” know what we need. Your girlfriend might know or your mom, but your hubby, he is single tasked focused and he has NO IDEA. So we set them up for failure waiting for them to guess what we need.

It is actually very sad because men are providers and they need to be needed as John Gray teaches. But women hate to be needy! This is kind of a problem don’t you think?

Asking for your needs is NOT being needy.

Ladies we are NOT needy by asking for our needs to be met. I promise you we aren’t. We are assuming men are a version of us, and if you were to keep telling a girlfriend what you needed ya she might think you’re needy.

But men don’t think this way.

He hears the need and is like sweet okay I can handle that then looks for your appreciation and admiration for meeting that need.

The trick is, ladies he may not do “IT” exactly the way you would. And that is OKAY! There is more than one way to do things. And I have news for you, “YOUR WAY IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT.”

If you can embrace that one lesson you will have so much more joy in your relationship!

The way you ask does make a difference.

BUT and this is a big BUT! How you ask for your needs to be met MATTERS! Demands don’t allow them to be given as gifts. Men like to give. Criticism doesn’t work with men, it actually shuts them down. Sharing a whole huge explanation of what you need and why with a serious tone about you, doesn’t work either.

Keep it simple, light, and loving.

Make sure you share what filling that need will provide for you because he is your provider and it will resonate with him!

He will respond in a much more positive way. Try it!