How often have you felt alone in your struggles? Have you ever felt like you’re the ONLY one that is hurting? Or have you felt like you’re the ONLY one that is trying.

I talk to so many women that experience heartaches with either desiring and wanting a good relationship with a good man, or one’s that are married and seem to have lost the feelings that drew her to marry him in the first place.

There is one thing I know for sure. LIFE loves to suck the LIFE out of us. Out of our marriages, and out of ourselves.

How do we stop this from happening?

How do you find that person to love?

How do create that relationship we thought we were going to have when we said our I do’s?


For the Single Ladies

First, for those lovely single ladies that so desperately want to feel loved and cared for.

My main advice to you is be the person you want to find. Be outgoing. Be happy. Be hopeful. Be you.

Do not settle. Live your life with LIFE in it.Excitement and joy.

Do not beat yourself up if you’re struggling to find that knight and shining armor to sweep you off your feet.

As you take care of YOU by working on being the best version of you, he will cross your path.

You must take care of yourself first, know what you want (with a little flexibility because no one is perfect, but don’t settle for less then you deserve) and be kind to yourself.


For the Married Women

For those wonderful women that are struggling to find that connection and happiness in your marriages, DON’T GIVE UP.

If you are married to a healthy man, who isn’t abusing you, then please know that you have the ability to create the relationship you desire.

You really do.

Do you remember the effort you put into your relationship before you were married?

The spark, the excitement to go out and to just SEE him? Chances are you put a little more effort into the courtship then you might be in your marriage.

You need to be willing to put your marriage first, and take the time to learn about how he works.

You also need to be filling your wells that are very depleted. If you do these things you can find the love you’re missing. I believe it 110%!

Marriage is worth fighting for. It really is. No longer let ‘giving up’ or ‘settling’ be an option!