Love Your Life Minute

So ladies, my question for you-

Has your husband ever said anything to you that hurt your feelings?

Uh, if you’re human yes.

Ladies, I have learned the value in being able to Act Instead of React.

These are tools that I’ve been implementing and using over the last several years.

When one of those moments happen (because they will since we’re human) – and mind you he isn’t the only one.

I say things to him that comes across wrong as well.

Act Instead of React

But in those moments I now find myself going and taking a minute to myself.

I pause, I go to my room, I go to my closet.

I go sit for a minute and I try to process and think about what he said and not assume his intentions.

And then I take the tools I’ve learned, and I go back.

Then I’m able to act, and we’re able to have a much better conversation.


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